Men's Pelvic Health | Dunn Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists

Our PTs are trained specifically in the evaluation and treatment of men suffering from pelvic pain and dysfunction. Symptoms can include:

  • Urinary or fecal urgency, frequency, or hesitancy
  • Unusual urinary stream
  • Pain when sitting, standing, or exercising
  • Genital, abdominal, or rectal pain
  • Ejaculatory or post-ejaculatory pain
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Tailbone pain
  • Constipation
  • And more

Physicians often struggle to find the cause of the problems, as a patient's pelvic pain may be related to neural or musculoskeletal issues. Our physical therapists can identify these issues and work with you to build an individual rehabilitation program to help you overcome pelvic pain.

We address these symptoms with a physical therapy program designed exactly for you in a comforting, judgment-free environment. Our offices are fully equipped with the latest treatments that ensure safe, effective outcomes and maximized patient comfort.

Diagnoses that can be associated with male pelvic pain and dysfunction include:

35-50% of men have
reported prostatitis symptoms
in their lifetime

90-95% of cases diagnosed as nonbacterial prostatitis are primarily caused by pelvic muscle dysfunction

Pain syndromes can
occur in 15-20% of men
after having a vasectomy

Is chronic pelvic pain or dysfunction hurting your quality of life?

Most major insurances accepted including Medicare and Passport!

You'll get a customized program to ensure the best possible results.