Sarah Duckworth, PT, DPT

Sarah graduated from Bellarmine University with her bachelor's in Health Science and a doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2010. Her professional background primarily includes working in pediatrics across various settings, but she has also really enjoyed working with individuals of all ages. She completed her general pediatric clinical at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where she gained professional experience in early intervention services and outpatient pediatric services focusing on neuro-developmental delays, as well as congenital and acquired impairments. Beyond pediatrics, she brings additional expertise within lifespan orthopedics (acute injuries, chronic pain, and post-surgical care) and lifespan neurological impairments / disorders (CVA, traumatic and non-traumatic head injuries, and balance disorders). She has additional experience with aquatic therapy, neurological dysfunctions, balance and movement disorders, and orthopedic conditions.

Sarah decided to join Dunn Physical Therapy's team to invest in her knowledge of pediatrics and pelvic floor dysfunction, providing the opportunity to help children and their families regain control. Areas of focus in pediatrics include bed wetting, constipation, fecal incontinence, and bladder incontinence. "Our children live in a complex world these days and they need to have a place where they can be heard and feel comfortable working on sensitive concerns. Working with them to better understand what is going on with their body as well as empowering them to take control of their life can be so rewarding. A child's primary job is to be a kid, and we can help them get back to that job without fear of embarrassment."

In her spare time, she loves to be with her husband exploring the world through the eyes of their two girls and dog.

"You cannot make people learn. You can only provide the right conditions for learning to happen." - Vince Gowmon

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